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Providers of professional Intellectual Property services.

  The attorneys of Kyoto Kitayama are experts in Intellectual Property law. It is our mission to provide timely service of the highest quality to our customers.

 At Kyoto Kitayama, our top priority is our clients. We assess your needs and work with you to set goals and determine how to get the greatest benefit from your intellectual property. We share your goal of getting your ideas out into the world for the broadest benefit. We provide support for the entire life-cycle of your project.

  Kyoto Kitayama Professionals is here to answer your questions about patent application process, litigation, and arbitration. We also help you strategize about Intellectual Property development. Please send us your questions today.

  Kyoto Kitayama partners with Intellectual Property firms worldwide to meet the international business and legal needs of our clients. These partners fine-tune the process to provide localized legal services in their markets. We are able to assist our clients who have business interests and legal needs in North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

  Kyoto Kitayama Professionals are here to help you set up contracts, license the products of Research & Development, and establish businesses which will make best advantage of your inventions.


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