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Message from President

We provide the highest standard of service to our clients.

 Our goal is to get your ideas out into the world for the broadest benefit, and provide our clients with the strongest possible intellectual property protection. We have found that as we work to develop a deeper understanding of your business, together we often find additional ways for your Interllectual Property to benefit society and create new business opportunities. We look forward to developing these new business models with you and expanding your revenue streams.

  Consistently prompt and accurate, we provide the highest standard of service to our clients. We also offer helpful advice and suggestions while respecting our client's priorities.

  Our firm has been practicing in Kyoto, Japan since 2002. Our full staff of professionals are constantly brushing up their knowledge to meet your needs and assist you. We also have excellent relationships with intellectual property firms worldwide to support your international business and legal needs in nearly every market.

  Kyoto Kitayama professionals values the self-reliance of our employees. We are always open to new ideas and thinking about how we can improve our service. We encourage our entire staff to participate in the process.

  You will have the full compliment of your ability if you are passionate about what you do and enjoy the moment. If you are not be able to enjoy your life, you are not well-suited to please or satisfy others.

“Those who know it are not comparable to those who love it; those who love it are not comparable to those who delight in it” (The Analect of Confucius).

As the Master said, we are looking forward to the delight of sharing your journey of maximizing the value of your intellectual property.

 Kyoto Kitayama Intellectual Property Firm
 President Ryuhei Nishimura


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